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MGC BALL JOINT SUSPENSION              770.00  ex VAT
We are pleased to announce the development of a ball joint front suspension for the MGC. The advantages of this system over the conventional kingpins (no longer available) is the reduction of weighting up during cornering, lightening of the steering at parking speeds and longevity of the joints. Caster and camber are adjustable by the included shims. The kit includes the customers stub axles with fitted ball joints top and bottom, top wishbone arms, bump stop and spacer. The original wishbone pivot and bottom arms are used and all fasteners are included, together with instructions.           MGC ELECTRIC FAN KIT                           £199.95  ex VAT   Twin Revotec electric fans for mounting behind radiator, modified by s to fit the MGC, complete with adjustable in-hose thermostat switch and all parts to install. Works even better with our uprated hi-efficiency radiator (£220.00 ex VAT)             This kit has all parts to fit to the MGC without any alteration to the bodywork, and includes a reconditioned Ford gearbox, cast aluminuim bellhousing, crossmember, propshaft, gearlever, mountings and all fixings. Also available is a the Heavy Duty option with a longer 1st gear.
MGC 5 SPEED GEARBOX KIT    from  £2265.00  ex VAT
We stock and supply most parts for MGB, MGC See below three of our MGC Specials
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